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Japanese Peace Lantern Ceremony
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Sponsor Name*:
* your organization’s name (or your name if sponsoring as an individual), as you want it to appear in our publicity, including on any tables you are sponsoring
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**will not be publicized; for our use only
We will sponsor at $125 apiece.
Peace Lantern Ceremony will order 6-foot table(s) and label them, “This table sponsored by [your organization]”. Your table(s) will be used by participants decorating lantern shades, and hundreds of participants will be made aware of your support. you will also be listed in event publicity. To receive your table for this year’s ceremony, please submit your sponsorship by August 2. Your support will be listed in our publicity starting this year, but if you sponsor after August 2, your table may not arrive in time for this year's event. (It will be used in future years.)

Instead of sponsoring tables, we will donate $ to the event. We will be listed in event publicity (donations of $50 or more).

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 2014 Flyer (Adobe Acrobat/PDF format)

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