Photo of Steve Steve Freedkin is the founder and publisher of Progressive Portal, a Web resource that serves as a starting-point for social activism. It began operation May 15, 2001. (The Web site and Steve have the same birthday.) Steve's primary work is in helping design, build, and maintain Web sites, including customized programming for special functions (using HTML, JavaScript, Perl, and CSS).

Under the name your attention, please! communications, Steve creates and upgrades Web sites and other online/offline communications, especially for individual practitioners as well as small businesses and nonprofits.

Steve served for several years as the Production Editor for a video lecture series being prepared by an educational test-preparation service, in which role he oversaw a team of six editors producing 1,200 short videos. With that project wrapping up, he is now indexing and catalog the tens of thousands of images used in those videos for re-use by the publisher in other projects. In addition, he has performed copyediting and other pre-press work (in print, online, and audiovisual media) for various publishers, including editing newspapers for two labor-union locals.

Steve was the Campaign Manager for Laura Wells for Governor (Green Party) during the 2010 primary. He served for seven years (until February 4, 2008) as a member, including three years as Chairperson, of the Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission, an appointed government advisory body, which led to two appearances on national television and several speaking tours in Japan. The first of these tours led to the creation of the Bay Area Peace Lantern Ceremony, held every year since 2002.

Steve has worked extensively in the issue areas of environmental protection, international relations, and social and economic justice. Positions he has held include Operations and Finance Director of an international peace-and-environment policy institute; Administrator of a consulting firm promoting affordable housing; Proprietor of a fundraising consulting enterprise and of a typographic and editing service; Editor and Publisher of the Michigan Peacemaker magazine; Chair of the Earth Day Committee and the Ethnic Diversity Task Force in Santa Barbara, CA; staffperson for the Central Michigan chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility (East Lansing), and Executive Director of the following groups: Peace Resource Center of Santa Barbara, Public Interest Research Group in Michigan (Lansing), and Free Environment, Inc. (Iowa City, IA). He has won awards for news reporting and editing, and has worked in radio, television, and print media.

Steve has an extensive background in fundraising, public relations, computers and graphic arts, writing and editing, training and teaching, and organizational management. He studied at the University of Iowa, with a dual major in Journalism and Environmental Affairs and a minor in Psychology. Steve was born and raised in Chicago, IL, and currently resides in Berkeley,CA.

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