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Alerts, July-Sept. 2005

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28 Aug 2005 (Sun), 12:35 a.m. PDT / 07:35 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Tell Legislators: Don't Privatize Social Security: "Reform" of the system is on Congress's agenda.

23 Aug 2005 (Tue), 11:55 p.m. PDT / Wed 06:55 GMT [UPDATES/MIDEAST]
Israel: Don't Inflame East Jerusalem: While Gaza disengagement grabs headlines, Jerusalem government plans new Jewish settlement in city's Arab section.

18 Aug 2005 (Thu), 6:10 a.m. PDT / 13:10 GMT [UPDATES/MIDEAST]
Updated 27 Aug 2005 (Sat), 2:30 p.m. PDT / 21:30 GMT
Support Cindy Sheehan: End the War: Show your support for mother of soldier killed in Iraq in her anti-occupation vigil outside Bush's ranch.
Update Sheehan plans anti-war bus tour.

17 Aug 2005 (Wed), 5:55 p.m. PDT / Thu 00:55 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Stop Teaching Religion as "Science": After Bush endorses teaching creationism in public schools, urge your state government to stick to real science.

10 Jul 2005 (Sun), 12:00 p.m. PDT / 19:00 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Tell NY Times to Caveat Anti-Gay "Science": Author who endorsed killing "gay fetuses" is quoted extensively without any reference to his controversial beliefs.

7 Jul 2005 (Thu), 09:20 p.m. PDT / Fri 04:20 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
grapes Don't Showcase Anti-Labor Gallo: Tell wineries to pick a less worker-hostile company to host their July 16 gourmet event.

25 Jun 2005 (Sat), 1:25 p.m. PDT / 20:25 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Support Human Rights in Indonesia: Stop military aid, urge union recognition.

22 Jun 2005 (Wed), 6:05 p.m. PDT / Thu 01:05 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Flag-"Desecration" Amendment Passes House: Stop it in the Senate.

20 Jun 2005 (Mon), 9:30 p.m. PDT / Tue 04:30 GMT [UPDATES/ENVIRONMENT]
Stop New Move To Allow Coastline Oil Drilling: Oil-company greed threatens continential U.S. coasts.

18 Jun 2005 (Sat), 6:20 p.m. PDT / Sun 01:20 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Updated 24 Jun 2005 (Fri), 11:55 a.m. PDT / 18:55 GMT
PARTIAL Success! Save Public Broadcasting from Funding Cuts: House subcommittee votes to slash funds for public television, radio; full House restores about half the funds, as Republican Party leader is named to head public broadcasting.

18 Jun 2005 (Sat), 5:45 p.m. PDT /Sun 00:45 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Success! Tomato pickers win surprising victory as Taco Bell pledges to push improved working conditions. (See our 21 Mar 2004 alert.)

16 Jun 2005 (Thu), 3:31 p.m. PDT / 22:31 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Join New Boycott of Gallo Wines: Farmworkers again face struggle for decent working conditions, benefits.

14 Jun 2005 (Tue), 5:10 p.m. PDT / Wed 00:10 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
URGENT Tell Chocolate Company: Use Fair Trade Cocoa: Fundraising company has agreed to meet with fair-trade activists; encourage buying from certified sources.

13 Jun 2005 (Mon), 9:05 a.m. PDT / 16:05 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Preserve Internet Access Options: Legislation would forbid cities and states from offering low-cost universal Internet.

12 Jun 2005 (Sun), 4:10 p.m. PDT / 23:10 GMT [UPDATES/ENVIRONMENT]
URGENT Oppose anti-environment energy provisions: As Senate considers energy bill, stop amendments from oil-coal-nuclear supporters.

7 Jun 2005 (Wed), 11:05 p.m. PDT / Wed 06:05 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Defend Colombian Rights Advocate: An attorney who heads a respected human-rights organization in Colombia has been the target of gruesome death threats. Urge authorities to ensure her safety.

5 Jun 2005 (Sun), 11:15 p.m. PDT / Mon 06:15 GMT [UPDATES/ENVIRONMENT]
Protect Utah's Redrock Wilderness: Wild deserts and crimson towers of southern Utah face threats of off-road vehicles and industrial development.

3 Jun 2005 (Fri), 1:55 p.m. PDT / 20:55 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Shut Guantánamo Down: Hundreds of prisoners the U.S. holds in what Amnesty International recently labeled the "gulag of our times" should be tried and convicted or released.

1 Jun 2005 (Wed), 6:45 p.m. PDT / Thu 01:45 GMT [UPDATES/NUKES]
Senators: Follow House on New Nukes: Two House committees have blocked Bush's plan to build nuclear "bunker buster" weapons, but it could come back to life unless the Senate follows suit.

30 May 2005 (Mon), 2:11 p.m. PDT / 21:11 GMT [UPDATES/MIDEAST]
Investigate "Downing Street Memo": Demand Congressional investigation and network-television coverage of recently disclosed British document showing Bush had decided on war by mid-2002 and "fixed" the facts to fit the policy.

29 May 2005 (Sun), 9:05 p.m. PDT / Mon 04:05 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Stop Partisan Meddling at PBS: The chair of the supposedly nonpartisan Corporation for Public Broadcasting has launched a campaign to push PBS and NPR further to the right.

26 May 2005 (Thu), 9:55 p.m. PDT / Fri 04:55 GMT [UPDATES/ENVIRONMENT]
Harp Seal
End Canada's Annual Seal Slaughter: Baby harp seals cruelly killed so skins can be used in high-end European fashions.

25 May 2005 (Wed), 12:41 p.m. PDT / 19:41 GMT [UPDATES/MIDEAST]
Updated 25 May 2005 (Wed), 6:30 p.m. PDT / Thu 01:30 GMT
[Expired] Iraq Withdrawal Amendment: House considered Rep. Woolsey's amendment calling for White House to submit a plan for withdrawing from Iraq.  Update Amendment failed but got 128 votes, including 5 Republicans.

23 May 2005 (Mon), 11:45 p.m. PDT / Tue 06:45 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Stop Flag-Desecrating Amendment: Senate may vote soon to limit First Amendment free speech, the bedrock of our Constitution.

20 May 2005 (Fri), 1:40 p.m. PDT / 20:40 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
No Secret Expansion of PATRIOT Act: Congress begins closed-door hearings that could lead to renewal, expansion of expiring sections of the USA PATRIOT Act.

18 May 2005 (Wed), 12:55 a.m. PDT / 07:55 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Updated 23 May 2005 (Mon), 10:25 p.m. PDT / Tue 05:25 GMT
Don't Just Duck and Cover; Respond: As Frist and friends prepare the "nuclear option" to end filibusters on judicial appointments, sign up to take part in an innovative cell-phone-based response.  SUCCESS "Nuclear option" averted, for now.

16 May 2005 (Mon), 12:45 p.m. PDT / 19:45 GMT [UPDATES/ENVIRONMENT]
Updated 18 May 2005 (Wed), 11:40 a.m. PDT / 18:40 GMT
SUCCESS Protect Funding for Transit, Bikes: Senate rejected by 84-16 an amendment that would have slashed funding for projects that reduce smog pollution, improve transit options and encourage smart growth.

14 May 2005 (Sat), 10:00 p.m. PDT / Sun 05:00 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Defend Jailed Eritrean Labor Leaders: Three union leaders have been held incommunicado for weeks, without charges, apparently in a secret prison.

11 May 2005 (Wed), 1:25 p.m. PDT / 20:25 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Updated 23 May 2005 (Mon), 11:50 p.m. PDT / Tue 06:50 GMT
Don't Let the Right Appoint Extremist Judges: Stop attempt to eliminate the filibuster, a long-standing and important part of the "checks and balances" in our federal system. Update "Nuclear option" averted; see updated 18 May 2005 alert (updated 23 May 2005) above.

9 May 2005 (Mon), 11:30 a.m. PDT / 18:30 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
After Mother's Day, Demand More Child Care: Tell your legislators the best way to honor mothers is not with candy, flowers, or rhetoric, but with increased funding for child care and services.

5 May 2005 (Thu), 11:45 a.m. PDT / 18:45 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
URGENT Demand Release of Haitian Leader: Haiti's last constitutional Prime Minister, Yvon Neptune, who went on hunger strike after being jailed for 10 months without charges, reportedly lies near death.

3 May 2005 (Tue), 5:20 p.m. PDT / Wed 00:20 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Support Workers' Power in Argentina: Workers who have run their ceramics factory since the owner abandoned it - celebrated in the Naomi Klein/Avi Lewis film "The Take" - face beatings, death threats, and legal challenges.

28 Apr 2005 (Thu), 10:05 p.m. PDT / Fri 05:05 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Push Pols to Protect Social Security: As Bush winds up 60-day campaign for privatization and the debate opens in Congress, keep the pressure on your legislators to protect your benefits and the system's integrity.

27 Apr 2005 (Wed), 10:20 p.m. PDT / Thu 05:20 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Stop Central America Trade Pact: CAFTA would further weaken U.S. manufacturing, drive Central American farmers off their land, and undermine wages, labor standards, environmental protections, and democratic rights.

21 Apr 2005 (Thu), 3:15 p.m. PDT / 22:15 GMT [UPDATES/CUBA]
Updated 18 May 2005 (Wed), 11:15 a.m. PDT / 18:15 GMT
No Asylum for Anti-Cuba Terrorist: Luis Posada Carriles, whose crimes include the fatal bombing of a Cuban civilian airliner, seeks asylum in Miami.
Update Posada arrested, but Bush Administration may let him go.

20 Apr 2005 (Wed), 12:10 p.m. PDT / 19:10 GMT [UPDATES/ENVIRONMENT]
Tell Apple Directors: Stop iWaste: Though Apple presents itself as a progressive innovator, and Al Gore sits on its board, it lags behind major PC rivals in efforts to reduce toxic waste.

17 Apr 2005 (Sun), 2:25 a.m. PDT / 09:25 GMT [UPDATES/ENVIRONMENT]
[Expired] Don't Weaken Pollutant Standard: The EPA wants to replace current limits on selenium, a metal known to cause deformities and death in fish and waterfowl, with weaker ones based on flawed science.

14 Apr 2005 (Thu), 11:10 p.m. PDT / Fri 06:10 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
$$$ No More Tax Breaks for Billionaires: As tax day arrives, block Republican push to eliminate all estate taxes permanently.

13 Apr 2005 (Wed), 2:35 p.m. PDT / 21:35 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Updated 04 Jun 2005 (Sat), 5:25 p.m. PDT / Sun 00:25 GMT
Give Undocumented Farm Workers a Break: AgJOBS bill, with backing from growers and many Republican legislators, would permit some undocumented farm workers to become legal residents.
Update Reports  differ  as to whether AgJOBS has enough Senate support; "wide" support seen in House.

11 Apr 2005 (Mon), 4:40 p.m. PDT / 23:40 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Support SAFE Changes to PATRIOT Act: New bi-partisan bill would add judicial review, other checks and balances to USA PATRIOT Act provisions most prone to abuse.

7 Apr 2005 (Thu), 5:20 p.m. PDT / FRI 00:20 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Cancel Poorest Countries' Debt: As wealthy nations prepare to meet, push Bush for full cancellation of poorest nations' debts, without harmful conditions.

5 Apr 2005 (Tue), 4:45 p.m. PDT / 23:45 GMT [UPDATES/MIDEAST]
Updated 7 Apr 2005 (Thu), 5:15 p.m. PDT / Fri 00:15 GMT
Tell Senators: Get Us Out of Iraq:   As Senate prepares to vote on Bush's $82-billion supplemental appropriation for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, tell your Senators it's time they stood up to the administration.
Update Committee has approved $80.5 billion; full Senate may vote Mon, Apr 11.

1 Apr 2005 (Fri), 7:15 p.m. PST / Sat 03:15 GMT [UPDATES/ALERTS]
Let Women and Doctors Decide: In as many as 20 states, pharmacies can refuse to fill prescriptions for birth control, and more and more of them are using this power to impose their own religious outlook.

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